Spaces in Harmony can help you transform your life through the design of harmonious spaces. Vera Marie Bridges, a Feng Shui Consultant, helps people arrange their homes, offices or businesses to create a more balanced flow of energy.  Vera's background in interior design blends effectively with feng shui to help you create an environment that is beautiful and uplifting. Located in Chico, California, Spaces in Harmony serves Chico and surrounding areas in Northern California.

Vera Marie Bridges

Feng Shui Consultant, Musician and Teacher


Vera's portrait

     Given her insightful, warm and vibrant personality, her real estate savvy and twenty-seven years of teaching experience, Vera can quickly assess your spatial and personal environments and provide a comprehensive set of Feng Shui recommendations that will show you how to balance and harmonize your home or business to align with the natural flow of energy.  Vera helps clients with a variety of design and feng shui solutions, such as  furniture arrangement, color selection, decluttering and organization, and 'chi' enhancements.


     As a member of the International Feng Shui Guild, Vera is active in the teaching, promotion and professional development of Feng Shui in northern California.  Her qualifications include a certificate in Black Sect Tibetan Buddhism Feng Shui (BTB) as well as training in Compass Feng Shui.  Vera's artistic background and natural ability to 'read' energy complement her skills as a Feng Shui consultant.  Vera resides in the beautiful city of Chico, California, in a beautiful home she designed herself.  


      A musician for many years, Vera plays and sings with various bands in and around the Chico area.  She plays violin, viola, guitar and sometimes a little electric bass!  Check out her Facebook page Veramariemusic for more information.