Comments about classes


"I would definitely recommend this class! The very fact that I'm learning how to de-clutter is super rich....some of my friends need this, too."


"I think this class is a great overall look (at feng shui), and you gave personal time and insights to each of our situations."


"The most helpful part of the class was connecting the philosophy with practical steps for enhancing my environment."


"Very good introduction into the world of feng shui! Thank you! Great class!"


"I would recommend this class because it is a great spring board for newbies as well as for those somewhat familiar with feng shui. Since the class, I have already begun working on my house, making small yet significant changes (solutions + cures, too!)."

Thank you

Just a quick note of thanks for your time and energy. After meeting with you The girls and I went out for a bit. When we returned to the house we walked in and noticed a significant difference in the energy of our home. It was open, lighter and warmer. We each felt the way to describe the feeling was to say "It feels like....then for lack of words, we would swirl our hands around, palms up arms extended upward".

Interestingly enough we had company later that evening. After being questioned if they felt any difference they also explained the same type of feelings, using the same motion! As the evening moved on there was laughing, music and spontaneous bursts of dancing! It is wonderful, thank you.

The girls and I were so encouraged, we got busy working together last night until 11:00 p.m. cleaning our spaces. We have several piles of things that are set aside for donation. The place looks great...especially my clutter free room!

I did almost all your tips, including removing the desk. We are looking forward to painting.

Thank you for sharing your gift.

I will keep in touch,

Success Story from Oroville

Hi, Vera!

We are so appreciative of the Feng Shui you did for us. You came in during construction chaos and brought sanity. The I Ching reading you did for me at the beginning of our time together pointed me in the right direction and increased my awareness of the stress I was under and how to handle it. Focusing on the problematic areas of our home helped us to understand the energies and work with them. Your ideas were helpful and we feel peace, joy, and expansiveness every time we walk in the door. The prayers and rituals you did make our home a sacred place.

Thank you!!!
Carolyn and Steven