Spaces in Harmony utilizes the ancient art of feng shui in combination with good design sense to create environments that are uplifting and supportive.



  We work with individuals and families to create homes and apartments that are comfortable, nurturing and livable.  


Spaces in Harmony provides consultations for home buyers, sellers, realtors and architects.   



If you want your guests to feel welcomed and uplifted, Spaces in Harmony can help. By creating an atmosphere where positive energy is flowing, the tone is set for an experience that your guests will love. 


We can also be consulted for retail business, restaurants, offices, and even office cubicles.  No space is too big or too small.  The basic concepts of feng shui can apply to spaces as large as a manufacturing warehouse or spaces as small as an individual's desk.

A Brief Introduction to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement. It is a design philosophy based on the theory that 'chi' or natural life force energy flows throughout our environment, and that by applying the principles of feng shui, we can balance the 'chi' that flows through our homes, buildings, or offices. The effects of balancing and harmonizing your home or office to align with the natural flow of energy can serve to balance and harmonize aspects of our lives.



Several types or "schools" of feng shui have been developed, and the most well-known method in the United States is called BTB (Black Sect Tibeten Buddism form of Feng Shui developed by Grandmaster Lin Yun).  All types of feng shui have a common element of balancing the five elements of earth, metal, water, wood, and fire.