A feng shui consultation can include any or all of the following, depending on the needs and wishes of the client and the space:  furniture placement, clutter solutions, color selection, floor plan analysis, floor and lighting selection, energy enhancements, building and site selection, space clearing, and house blessings.

Business, commercial spaces, hospitality, small spaces (such as an office or apartment), previewing homes for home buying, and/or staging for home selling (with your furniture) are based on an hourly rate of $45.00.  

A comprehensive home consultation includes deliverables such as a site plan overview and/or a floor plan analysis, plus a written report of recommendations.  In order to serve you in the most beneficial way possible, we require our clients to do a bit of homework prior to the visit (a one page questionnaire about the quality of their lives based on the nine 'life-aspiration' areas of feng shui).   These packages start at $180.

Please call (530) 521-0380 or fill out your contact information so that we can determine the best plan for you.